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Breathtaking Ocean Views for under $900,000 in White Rock

Hi Friends,

Who says you'll need to spend over a million dollars for a 2 bedroom, 2 Full Bathroom, Ocean View property in central White Rock?

I scheduled three showings today for my buyer who is only looking to live in a high-rise, upper floor unit with spectacular views of the ocean. I scoured the MLS and picked three of what I thought would be his top three. Sometimes as a real estate agent, even though I listen carefully for what my client wants, I feel nervous if my clients don't approve.

Oh boy, was he ever pleased! He told me I nailed it, and every home on our list just got better and better.

Here are the three properties we saw today.

First showing this afternoon, 12:30 PM


First thing we saw was the view, view and more view!! I was swept away. This picture doesn't do it justice. The view just went forever, into the abyss. Really, I don't often see the city from this perspective.

Who wouldn't love this kitchen? I mean, this is a chef's kitchen. And then add in the spectacular view, you're in paradise. Would you ever wanna leave?

Second Showing: 1 PM


Wow! Stunning. I can just frame this and hang it on my wall. The sun sparkles like a diamond.

Okay, we took about a good 10 minutes trying to find the lobby entrance of this building. I thought I was out of it, but we bumped into three people having the same problem. Okay, note to self: scan the property before showing it to my client.

Final Showing: 1:30 PM


This view is on the 6th floor. Not bad, right?

I love the way the owner decorated this space. Yup, I can see myself living here.

Now, it is up to my buyer. Will he choose to buy or will he want to continue looking?

Which one would you buy? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!



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