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Cloverdale is a fast growing city with more affordable housing selection than other cities in the Greater Vancouver. Known for safe communities perfect to raise a young, growing family, Cloverdale is a popular choice to move to. The town is the eastern portion of Surrey, and west of Langley at the junction of Hwy 10 & 15.


Cloverdale's past is 125 years long, beginning as a small farm town. It was first settled by the Shannon brothers, who named the town “Clover Valley” after the wild clover that grew everywhere at that time.  The town began to boom into what we know of Cloverdale today when the New Westminster-Southern Railway, linking Bellingham to New Westminster, ran through the valley in 1891. This made Cloverdale into a major transportation center.

Cloverdale Today

Today, the town has become enveloped by suburban sprawl from Surrey and is famous for the annual rodeo, second largest in Canada next to Calgary Stampede. With its quaint 'main street,' people gather around to shop, drink coffee, or just people watch. The locals knew Cloverdale as the backdrop for the popular T.V. series, Smallville.


Every year, Cloverdale hosts the popular Cloverdale Rodeo and the Cloverdale Blueberry Festival. You can learn more about the town’s rich history at the Surrey Museum and the Surrey Archives.